Ok, so I had to stop stabbing blindly in the dark w/ this whole Nas, Kelis alimony/child support bullshit… and go do a little research for myself, just so that I could give my honest, informed opinion about it.  


Originally Kelis was only asking for a portion of the amount she was actually awarded (Nas was ordered to immediately pay Kelis $47,249.42 in back child support for their first son together, Knight Jones.)
and for alimony (*Nas had to fork over $40,454 in back spousal support ) only because Kelis was taking a hiatus from her music career to go to culinary school… (after Nas encouraged her and promised to be there for her, I’m sure) *rolls eyes* and notice I said BACK child support and BACK spousal support (meaning his dead beat ass wasn’t paying in the first place)

and of course she was requesting child support for their unborn child (at the time)

but what does Nas do?!?!?

Disappears (like a typical dumbass)

Kelis and her lawyers tried to contact Nas, to no avail… (Niggas always think they can just ignore a bitch and she’ll go away… Guess she got his big ass head! Lol) 

Kelis (reportedly) spent her last on medical expenses and other expenses for the child during the time Nas was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!! *side eye*

(this report was taken WAY back in June of 2009 mind you and they are JUST settling…) for those of you asking why so much in back payments…

Finally this nigga decides to come to court and settle his disputes (guess he realized Kelis’ bitch ass wasn’t going away like he’d hoped *giggles*)

and guess what…

They’re making him pay…

What is he paying for? (you ask…)

Here’s a reciept:

  • Getting Married
  • Making more money than his wife
  • Getting Kelis pregnant
  • Promising to ALWAYS BE THERE
  • Cheating (*side eye*)
  • NOT being there like he promised
  • Getting Kelis pregnant (again)
  • Running out on afore mentioned expectant mother (*side eye*)
  • Being a DEAD BEAT
  • Ignoring attempts to settle
  • Medical expenses
  • Court Costs
  • and NOT getting that big ass mole removed

(ok, I added that last one…) but the rest of em can be cashed in ANY DAY (with the right lawyer)!!

So to all this fuckery I say… Get em Kelis (I aint mad atcha) and in the words of Jay Z “smarten up Nas” SMH…