I just wanna get something off my mind…

MEN: … do you HONESTLY think that your child support payment is supposed to go directly to the child? Do you believe that we’re supposed to take whatever little money you send and give it to the child?

I ask this because for some reason, the men I’ve spoken to recently have said that I can’t take my child support payment and get my hair done, because that money is for the CHILD! *side eye*

Frankly FELLAS:

you can go fuck yourselves with a butcher knife!!

That little measley ass money yall send IS to contribute to the care of the child but NOT to be necessarily GIVEN directly to the child.

If I take ALL MY money paying bills (such as lights, gas, mortgage, water, sewage, food, clothes, toothpaste etc… you get the jist) then I am entitled to take YOUR little money and get my motherfuckin hair done… (Ya understand?)

Dont get it twisted… WE don’t always NEED your broke ass to pay your child support. For the most part our bills WILL get paid… but it is STILL your responsibility to contribute to the household that your child is living in!! Whether your money is actually used to pay bills or not it is up to the mother of your child to decide!!

If by chance you feel that YOUR “baby mama” is misusing your child support money, you are ALWAYS able to take her ass back to court and have it reduced… changed… or perhaps attempt to get custody yourself! But Ima tell you this before you try to get bold and call yourself gon jump up and fight for custody ITS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS!!!  Raising a child is NOT just playing catch in the yard, and pouring juice at cookouts… Bitch, its a full-time job and yall niggas better remember that shit when you making your decisions!!

Someone also said to me “Money isn’t synonomous with supporting a child” and I will agree with that…


Money IS needed to support a child!

YES, your quality time is also needed (sometimes more than the money) but you can’t use that as a reason NOT to pay!!

Just like your child needs your time…

The “Man” needs your money…

I just had to speak on this, because Im so sick and fucking tired of men using “I spend time with my kids” or ” you make more money than me” as an excuse NOT to financially support their child!!

Men… Step ya fuckin game up!! DAMN, this shit gets old quick!!


(p.s. I don’t know ANY of these broke bastards in the pics… I just thought it would be appropriate, in case some of you did. *giggles*)