I could tell today would be different when I woke up this morning.  The air moving through my room was thick and hot, making my wife beater cling to my breasts like saran wrap, nipples perky and peeking through like I had entered a wet T-shirt contest. My boyshorts wedged between my thighs, hugging my pussy like a jock strap.

There was a knock at the door, It’s only 8am and I’m not expecting anyone… so I hesitate opening, allowing the weed smoke to subside from the wake & bake I was indulging myself in.  I peep through the peep hole and that’s when I saw her for the first time.  Skin the color of English toffee, big beautiful eyes graced with lashes that reminded me of butterfly wings, long and airy… but her lips… her lips were supple and pink. I could only imagine how they tasted or how they would feel against mine, hips and thighs thick like cornbread, making my mouth water.  By this time a couple minutes had passed, so she stepped back and smiled as if she knew I was watching and she was allowing me to see EVERYTHING… She was teasing me, so I opened up…

Not sure what she was thinking but all I could seem to say was “YES!”… of course she thought it was a question, but in my mind it was the answer.

“Im Tracy, your new neighbor… Im sorry to trouble you, but my puppy seemed to have slipped under your fence, have you seen her?” she said with a smile…

As she handed me the photo, I couldn’t help but to tell her she was gorgeous… she  blushed as she fluffed her honey blonde fro with her fingers. “Thanks, so are you…”

I could feel my breath getting shallow and the blood rushed to my head, I felt like I was high in her presence. I asked her to come in and she happily obliged.

I offered her a mimosa, she accepted and immediatley started chatting about her reasons for moving to the area and other personal issues I cared NOTHING about… but I could sit and stare at her lips for hours, so I humored her and stayed quiet as she spoke. After our 4th glass of wine, I was feeling a little forward so I asked her to come to my room.

“I can get dressed and we can finish our conversation…” I said

She followed without hesitation…

As we stepped into my room the same muggy summer heat engulfed me like I had walked into the Sahara. So I opened a window… and she kissed me! Just as the wind blew the curtains open as if it had whispered my fantasies in her ear.  The breeze revealed my secrets, so I kissed her back to confirm they were true.

Her lips tasted of sweet, ripe, mango and just as juicy.  I couldn’t hold back, it was like my body was craving hers… Like I was dehydrated and she was H2O… I NEEDED IT!

I laid her back on my bed (still messy and unmade) and lifter her dress. As I slid underneath and ran my nose from her cunt to her neck, breathing her scent into me and holding my breath.  I felt her exhale and the sound of her breathing made me want her more. I had never been with a woman and hadn’t had sex with a man in 6 months, but it was something about her…

I knew today would be different…

I pulled her panties down to her feet and licked up her leg to her thigh and back down the other side. My tongue danced all over her body, to her stomach, circling her nipples and up to her neck, but I saved the best for last…

I sucked and kissed my way back down her torso to the sweet nectar that was waiting between her legs. 

She moaned and squirmed… Squirmed and moaned, getting louder as I got closer to where she wanted me to be.

I reached my final desitnation and landed on her clit, my lips surrounding it. I sucked and flicked it with my tongue… I spread her lips, and with my mouth around her pussy, I sucked and sopped her juices up with my tongue like a bird in a bird bath.

I could tell by her moans that she liked it.  She grabbed at the sheets and pulled her hair.  So I kissed her lips like she had kissed mine earlier… but these lips had juices creeping down her thigh… I cupped my tongue and licked up every drip as not to waste a drop… she was priceless… her juices like melted gold, I wanted all of it!!

As my lips found its way back to her sweet spot I slid my fingers in and sucked her clit like a cherry straight off the tree.  I pushed my fingers deeper as she thrust her hips forward pushing her pussy in my mouth… pushing back and forth quicker and harder.  Her breaths getting farther apart and moans growing louder… I sucked her clit and licked her front to back tasting ALL OF HER!!

Her legs began to shake and lift off the bed.  Her pussy swollen and gaping open like it was asking for me.  She screamed and like the leavies had broken, I was drowned in her.

Her body shaking uncontrollably as I kissed down her thigh.  She giggled… breathing out as if her orgasm was a relief, she looked down at me drunk with pleasure. 

“Now its your turn” she said, pulling me down to the bed and ripping my soaked boyshorts down past my hips… tasting, licking, and drinking me in like vitamin water…

I KNEW today would be different!!