It’s obviously something in a woman’s asshole that holds the secrets of the universe, Blackbeard’s treasure, or Is it where rainbows and unicorns meet… I don’t know; but the thought of penetrating a woman’s asshole entices every man! Most men don’t talk to you about it, they don’t lube up the asshole and prepare you for it, they like to try and sneak POP the dick in like you’re not gonna notice.  First of all, how could I not notice a penis being jabbed into my booty?? and second do you REALLY think that a surprise like that is gonna help loosen the asshole to a point where u can actually get it in?? Ummmm… NO!! If anything, now I’m tense, my reflexes are squeezing my booty hole shut, I’m slightly turned off, and my pussy is now on the verge of drying up.

We started out kissing, you licking up my spine, down my neck to my breasts… circling my nipples with your tongue, travel down my abdomen to the peak of my waiting vagina… sucking, slurping, spitting on the pussy until its dripping wet and ready to take you in… Then pop goes the weasel IN MY ASS!!!

But wait…. you did NOTHING to prepare me nor my ASS for this little “surprise”.  You spent ample time getting EVERYTHING else wet; only to penetrate the ONE place that (a) I DON’T want poked and (b) you didn’t lubricate. I mean… WHAT IN ALL THE FUCKS could you be thinking? Don’t say it was a mistake, Don’t pretend like you ACCIDENTALLY shoved it in there and Don’t try to keep stroking once you feel me jerk and twist away from your crazy ass!!

I’m not saying that women hate anal sex, because there are  plenty of women out there who love it.  But I can guarantee that NO woman likes being surprised with a dick in the ass (you can quote me on that one).

Well…. now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…. Until next time, keep ur dick OUT OF my ass unless I ask you to put it there.