It’s hard being a woman sometimes. I’m not sure if men have the same body image issues as we do but if so…. more power to em.  I swear, because as I lay back… ready to recieve him into me. After 20 minutes of foreplay, licking, sucking, stroking every inch of each other; I’m ready to “get it in”!!! Like….. seriously soaking the sheets, “Your body’s calling me”, R Kelly “12 play” type shit…. And as I lay there, I look down…. and one of my titties is leaning to the right, the other one perfectly positioned on my chest. 0_0

So I re-position my torso making BOTH breasts at least APPEAR to be looking the same direction…. I look up at his face to see if he noticed what I was doing (he most likely wouldn’t notice if my head were chopped off at this point, but whatever…), I look back down at my tits to make sure they’re still at attention and refocus on the task at hand, Getting me and my man’s nut poppin off!!!!  I get my mind back right, pussy get to pulsating again, I’m moaning and dripping… He’s leaking and twisting… when I realize the hair on my vagina is growing back a little bit!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! Are the little prickly hairs poking him? Can he feel them when I grind on him? Is he secretly in excruciating pain right now because of my unshaven snatch? SHIT!!!!!!!!! Why didn’t I shave again when I were just in the shower? It would’ve taken like 30 seconds…. Grrrrrrrrrr…. I’m such an idiot!!!! So I get to rubbing my pussy to see if the hairs are uncomfortable on my hand. They don’t feel brittle, it’s barely ANY hair there but I keep my hand between my pussy and his stomach each time I grind forward just to be safe. 0_o

Meanwhile…… He’s steadily stroking and moaning and doesn’t notice ANYTHING!!!!

I get back into the swing of things…. making sure we’re in sync…. In perfect rhythm with one another…. I lock my legs around his waist and he flips me over so now I’m on top and in control.  I love riding a dick.  I mean… its my FAVORITE position because I can control when and how I cum.  Who doesn’t like being in control?  I get my stroke right… just how I like it, leaning forward a little and gyrating on the head of his penis (he likes that) when I notice my titties hanging over his face….. JEEZUS, MARY AND JOSEPH!!!!!! Thank GOD his eyes are closed because this can NOT be sexy!!!!! *sigh* My little breasts after having children are a tad bit “floppy” at times and have a mind of their own…. but why they gotta hang all low while I’m tryna get my sexy on???

Whatever…. I sit up straight and take my left arm draping it over both breasts, using my hand to play with my right nipple…. That way he doesn’t notice me holding my titties in place as I ride him, he just thinks I’m being freaky!! >_<

So I’m riding the dick…. eyes closed…. head leaning back…. he smacks my ass pushing me forward and knocking my titties OUT of my hand (so now they’re hanging again) I have to catch myself from falling forward so I can’t grab em and stop em from smacking him in the face.  I look down and now I see my stomach (which is NOT sexy when you’re on all fours) and I try to suck it in.  He’s holding me now…. giving me the “D”…. Breathing heavy….. about to cum….. My unshaven hairs are rubbing against his crotch and I can’t put my hand there to intercept the friction…. My titties are hanging…. Stomach not sucked in…. Hair sweated out and flying all over…..

and yet…….. he came…….. I came…….. and at the end of it all, neither one of us gave a fuck about all that bullshit body image crap.  We lay there out of breath for a minute before we kissed, cleaned ourselves up, and drifted off to sleep.