I couldn’t WAIT to talk about the new KID on the block… Like, literally… ON THE BLOCK!!! Bronx born and raised The Kid Daytona has earned himself a new fan (or 3) in myself, and my good friends Patricia and Kaela ; when we saw him perform first hand, up close and personal; we couldn’t HELP but fall in LUST with this smooth talking, mellow voice having, young, high, dumb fly brother from NYC . 

Seriously tho, this man has something to say and I can tell by the passion and intensity in which he writes his lyrics. He’s been thru some things and wants to share his story. I’m down, I wanna hear it.

Working with artists such as Jae Mills, Jada Kiss, Melanie Fiona and more he got his start battle rapping randoms on the streets of New York; one of them being Lord Tariq, helping him realize that rapping; freestyling; story telling was his new way of life.  His newest LP dropping TODAY (August 20, 2012) entitled “Summer Games: The Kid with the Golden Pen” produced in part by 9th Wonder, Bink, Sarah J and more. This LP has been much anticipated and is finally HERE…

If you don’t know who The Kid Daytona is, get up on your get down and Download the new album HERE!

(Interview coming soon)