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Let me just start by saying, NO ONE is perfect.

In relationships or anything else in life, no one is perfect.  Love is blinding and confusing and scary and most people wouldn’t know TRUE love if it bit em in the ass.

I know I’ve made mistakes and continue to do so, but I learn from my mistakes and take those lessons with me throughout life.  I’m not saying I never make the same mistake twice, because I do. I’m only human.

What I’ve learned about love is that; it never goes away…

TRUE LOVE, never fades… never faulters… it’s constant.

People change, but the love does not.

Often times relationships end because two people have grown apart, their paths may be leading them in different directions, they may argue and disagree too often, etc. Things happen and people change and relationships end but the LOVE does not!!!!

I’ve been IN LOVE maybe 4 times in my life… and I still love those men, I wouldn’t ever deny what I feel for them because it’s real… it’s TRUE.

I’m no longer in love with many of them but I do have love for ALL of them… they are my constant.

I just hope, that in my lifetime and in theirs, there will be forgiveness from me to them and vice versa for whatever it is that led us astray.  This was on my heart so I shared.

Peace and most of all LOVE.